Solutions+Support = Results

At Smith Mackie,  we love getting to know YOU! From quick evaluations of your platform to complete overhaul of your systems, we have the Solutions and Support to deliver the Results you need to improve your processes and increase efficiency for your organization. Many of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis, addressing new ideas and problems as they arise. Bring Smith Mackie on board, and never wonder who to turn to again!

Guiding You to Success

We’ve worked with a lot of companies that are running Salesforce smoothly, but who don’t configure Salesforce on a daily basis. When they need to customize their platform to meet business needs, they struggle with advanced functions. Our Salesforce Guides diminish the need to call for help or endlessly search online for an answer. Quick, colorful, and easy to use resources, Salesforce Guides break down advanced functions step-by-step. Completely new to Salesforce? All the basics are covered.

Salesforce guides

Do your Opportunities match your Sales Cycle? Map your Sales Process into Opportunity Stages to keep all deals updated for better pipeline forecasting!